Build an homemade “file jig”

The file jig is really useful and doesn’t took too much time to build your one. Tools needed for the project: Drill with a 4mm (5/32″) and 8mm (5/16″) drill bits, wood glue.

Material (less than 18$):
10x screws 3mm x 35mm
1x threaded rod (M8), 15cm long
1x steel eye bolt
2x Playwood 2cm x 9cm x 30cm
1x Playwood 2cm x 9cm x 39cm
1x steel tube, 1cm x 0.5m
2x hose clamps


1) Let’s start by gluing the pieces of wood together and fix everything with 10 screws.






2) Make 12 holes (4mm) on the horizontal wood. The distance between holes should be 20mm. Make 9 hole (8mm) on the vertical wood. The distance between them should be 60mm.






3) Weld or glue together the eye bolt and the threaded rod. That’s all.

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