Build an homemade “forge”

Build the forge has been easier than what I though and I’m pretty happy with the result I came up with. Tools needed for the project: Hand saw, drill with a 4mm (5/32″) drill bit and a 60mm (2 23/64″) crown drill bit.

Material (less than 30$):
2x firebricks (60cm x 2ocm x 4cm)
4x threaded rod (M4), 22cm long
8x M4 nut
8x Washer

Split each firebrick in tree equal pieces (20cm x 20cm);






Mark the center of each piece and make a hole with the crown drill bit;






Measure 2.5cm (2″) from each corner (along the diagonal) and make a vertical hole with the 4mm (2 23/64″) drill bit.






Time to assemble all togheter with threaded rods, nuts and washers.






Useing the drill make the hole in the right side in order to allow the fire come in.






… and test it. Pretty cool uh?

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